Conditions Surrounding Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza


  1. Israel conducted a raid on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, stating it was searching for Hamas infrastructure. Israel claims Hamas was using the hospital for military purposes. Hamas denies these claims. (

  2. There are competing accounts of whether Israel ordered an evacuation of Al-Shifa Hospital. Israel denies issuing an evacuation order. (,

  3. Hundreds of patients were reported to have left Al-Shifa Hospital on foot after the raid. A number of doctors stayed behind to care for patients too vulnerable to evacuate. (

  4. Israeli forces were reported to be searching Al-Shifa Hospital for signs of hostages taken by Hamas during their October 7 attack on Israel. (

  5. Video analysis suggests the IDF may have rearranged weapons at Al-Shifa Hospital prior to visits by news crews. The IDF denies manipulating the media. (

Siege, accusations, evacuations

Perspective 1:

Israel claims it conducted a targeted raid on Al-Shifa Hospital based on intelligence that Hamas was using the hospital for military operations, including as a command center and to store weapons. Israel states it took steps to minimize disruption to patients and staff, providing humanitarian supplies during the raid. Israel denies ordering an evacuation of the hospital.

Perspective 2:

Palestinian officials and humanitarian organizations report that Israel's military actions have caused a humanitarian crisis at Al-Shifa Hospital. They state Israeli forces ordered the evacuation of patients and staff, who fled on foot, leaving behind only a handful of doctors to care for the most vulnerable. Palestinian accounts allege Israeli soldiers interrogated and assaulted hospital refugees, providing no aid. They dispute claims that Hamas operated militarily from the hospital.

Perspective 3 + Others

Here are some other perspectives:

The UN and humanitarian organizations perspective:

The UN and groups like Doctors Without Borders report a catastrophic humanitarian situation at Al-Shifa Hospital. They call for immediate access to provide aid and investigate conditions. The UN states Israel must prove Hamas was operating militarily from the hospital to justify losing its protected status.

The media perspective:

Some media analysis indicates potential discrepancies between accounts by Israel and video evidence from the hospital. This raises questions around transparency and whether weapons were planted or moved prior to media access.

The international community perspective:

There are growing calls internationally for a ceasefire and negotiations. Concerns are being raised over the civilian death toll and methods used. Some leaders believe the current actions are counterproductive to long-term peace and security.

Global Perspective:


Tensions have been rising at Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical facility in Gaza, as Israeli forces conduct operations in the area while thousands of patients, staff and civilians remain trapped inside. According to, the hospital has become a strategic objective for Israel, which claims Hamas has built a military command center with bunkers and tunnels underneath the complex. However, Hamas and Gaza health officials deny these allegations, calling them propaganda to justify attacks, per

On November 15th, reported that Israeli troops raided Al-Shifa in a “precise and targeted operation against Hamas.” Witnesses told that tanks entered around 3am, with soldiers searching the hospital. The IDF said its forces killed militants in a clash outside, but there was no fighting once inside. Israel released video of soldiers providing baby food and medical supplies during the raid.

There are conflicting accounts of whether Israel ordered an evacuation of the hospital. Several doctors told the IDF instructed them to evacuate all staff and patients – claims the IDF disputes. Hundreds were seen fleeing on foot, per, with just a handful of doctors staying to care for the most vulnerable.

During the raid, the IDF said its troops uncovered Hamas’ “operational center” with weapons and tunnels beneath the hospital, releasing photos and videos as evidence, according to However, some media analysis indicates discrepancies between the IDF’s footage and later images, raising questions around whether weapons were moved or planted before news crews arrived, reported.

Humanitarian groups say the raid has precipitated a catastrophe at the hospital. With power and supplies cut, doctors report being unable to save critical patients, per The UN warned evacuating could be a “death sentence” for vulnerable groups who remain. There are growing calls internationally for Israel to prove its claims and negotiate a ceasefire, though military operations appear set to continue.