Ambulances Reportedly Hit in Gaza amid Conflicting Accounts


  1. Israeli military says it struck ambulance used by Hamas militants; Palestinian officials say civilians killed (Article 1, Article 4, Article 6, Article 10)

  2. UN Secretary General condemns attack, says bodies strewn outside hospital (Article 3, Article 8, Article 10)

  3. Convoy was moving wounded from north to south Gaza, returned after road blocked (Article 1, Article 4, Article 7, Article 10)

  4. Israel says Hamas uses ambulances to transport fighters and weapons (Article 4, Article 6, Article 10)

  5. Conflict continues as humanitarian situation worsens; calls for ceasefire rejected (Article 1, Article 2, Article 4, Article 10)

Casualties, Ambulances & Allegations

Perspective 1:

Israeli Perspective

  • Israel claims it struck an ambulance being used by Hamas militants as part of its broader offensive against the group in Gaza.

  • The IDF says it had intelligence showing Hamas was using ambulances to transport fighters and weapons. Israel has previously accused Hamas of using hospitals and ambulances for military purposes.

  • Israel contends that Hamas operatives were killed in the strike. It says the area in Gaza is a battle zone and has urged civilians to evacuate.

  • Israel believes allowing Hamas to continue controlling Gaza enables the group to launch attacks like the one on October 7 that killed over 1,400 Israelis. It has rejected ceasefire calls to continue its campaign against Hamas.

Perspective 2:

Palestinian Perspective

  • Palestinian officials contend the ambulance convoy was carrying wounded civilians from northern to southern Gaza.

  • Gaza's health ministry says at least 15 people were killed and 50 wounded in the strike, which occurred outside Al-Shifa Hospital.

  • The Palestinian Red Crescent says one of its ambulances carrying a wounded person was hit just meters from the hospital entrance.

  • Palestinian authorities accuse Israel of targeting medical and humanitarian infrastructure, including the areas around hospitals.

  • Hamas denies having any militants present in the ambulance convoy, calling Israel's claims "baseless."

  • Palestinians and international organizations condemn Israel's blockade and bombardment of Gaza amid a dire humanitarian situation, with calls for an immediate ceasefire.

Perspective 3 + Others

United Nations perspective:

  • Secretary General "horrified" by attack with bodies strewn outside hospital

  • Calls for immediate ceasefire and protection for civilians and infrastructure

  • Condemns worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to Israeli blockade

International community perspective::

  • Growing calls for immediate ceasefire and humanitarian access to Gaza

  • Condemnation of Israeli military offensive and blockade causing civilian casualties

  • Calls for independent investigation of attack on ambulance convoy

Global Perspective:


According to, an Israeli airstrike targeted an ambulance convoy near Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on Friday. The attack killed at least 15 people and wounded 60 others, said the Palestinian Red Crescent. Israel acknowledged striking the ambulance, claiming it was used by Hamas militants. Israel has been insisting on evacuating the hospital, alleging it houses a Hamas command center. Gaza has been under siege by Israel for nearly four weeks since Hamas’ surprise attack on October 7 that killed over 1,400 Israelis. reported hundreds have been killed in recent attacks on ambulances, hospitals and shelters in Gaza. stated the UN Secretary General condemned Israel’s attack on the ambulance convoy. Gaza health officials said many were killed, while Israel claimed it targeted Hamas operatives inside the ambulance. Israel said Hamas uses ambulances to transport fighters and weapons. The current conflict began with Hamas’ attack on Israel in early October. Israeli airstrikes have now killed over 9,200 Palestinians, per Gaza’s health ministry.

According to, Israel admitted targeting the ambulance near Al-Shifa hospital, saying it was used by Hamas. The Hamas-run health ministry said at least 15 were killed and 50 wounded. Israel claims Hamas transfers militants and weapons via ambulances. The strike prompted the UN Secretary-General to reiterate calls for a ceasefire, which Israel has rejected. Al-Shifa Hospital is located in densely populated Gaza, which Israel has pounded and encircled. Despite calls for a ceasefire, Israel has vowed to wipe out Hamas after its October 7 attack that killed over 1,400. Bombardment has overwhelmed Gaza’s medical institutions, now struggling amid dwindling supplies. stated the UN Secretary General said he was horrified by the attack, with bodies strewn outside the hospital. The convoy was reportedly moving wounded people from north to south Gaza, but turned back after the road was blocked. Israel claims Hamas uses ambulances to transport fighters and weapons. The conflict continues as the humanitarian situation worsens, with calls for a ceasefire rejected.

According to, the Israeli military said it struck an ambulance used by Hamas terrorists, killing several inside. Israel claims Hamas uses ambulances to transport terrorists and weapons. The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said Israel targeted a convoy of ambulances leaving Al-Shifa hospital. Israel said it was looking into the report. reported Israel’s military struck an ambulance it says was used by Hamas, while Palestinian officials claim it was carrying wounded civilians. At least 15 were killed in the strike outside Al-Shifa Hospital per Gaza health officials. Israel claims Hamas transfers fighters and weapons in ambulances. The UN Secretary General condemned the attack, saying bodies were strewn outside the hospital. The ambulances were reportedly transporting wounded from northern to southern Gaza. Despite mounting calls, Israel has rejected a humanitarian ceasefire.

In summary, these articles discuss an Israeli strike on an ambulance convoy near a hospital in Gaza City on Friday. While Israel claims it targeted an ambulance used by Hamas militants, Palestinian officials say civilians were killed. The articles report condemnation from the UN Secretary General over the harrowing attack. There are conflicting accounts over whether the convoy was carrying wounded civilians or Hamas fighters. The articles contextualize this event amid the ongoing conflict and worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as calls for a ceasefire are rejected.