Israel Reportedly Expands Ground Operations While Gaza Faces Communications Disruptions


  1. Israel has reportedly expanded ground operations in Gaza, with troops advancing at least 2 miles past the border (Article 4, Article 10)

  2. Israel’s military says it struck over 450 Hamas targets, while Hamas claims over 8,000 Palestinians have been killed (Article 3, Article 4)

  3. Gaza residents face communication blackouts and shortages of electricity, water and medical supplies (Article 4, Article 10)

  4. UN facilities in Gaza were raided for supplies, with the UN warning of a breakdown in civil order (Article 4, Article 3)

  5. Israel’s PM vowed to continue military operations to destroy Hamas capabilities and rescue Israeli hostages (Article 2, Article 9)

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Here is a neutral, detailed summary combining information from the various articles:

According to Reuters, Israel has been expanding its ground operations in Gaza while also conducting airstrikes, with the Israeli military reporting it struck over 450 Hamas targets. Meanwhile, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry claims over 8,000 Palestinians have been killed since the conflict began. Telephone and internet communications were partially restored in Gaza after a more than day-long blackout that Reuters says badly impacted rescue operations as Israel continued bombarding targets.

CNN reports that the main UN agency in Gaza warned of a breakdown in civil order after thousands of people broke into UN aid warehouses and distribution centers, taking supplies like wheat and flour. CNN cites an IDF spokesperson warning people in northern Gaza to flee south as Israel ramps up operations there. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced Israel has launched the “second stage” of its campaign against Hamas. CNN also reports Israeli troops have advanced more than 2 miles into Gaza, while the military says it struck over 450 targets.

According to the Financial Times, the Israeli military said it is gradually expanding ground operations in Gaza for a second day. The FT reports Netanyahu speaking of a “long and hard” war to destroy Hamas’ capabilities.

Fox News states Netanyahu announced Israel has entered the “second phase” of war against Hamas, calling it a “second War of Independence.” Netanyahu vowed the “long and difficult” war would continue until Hamas’ military and government capabilities are destroyed.

The New York Times reports increased Israeli airstrikes took telecommunications in Gaza offline. Most information comes from official IDF statements, which deny responsibility for the blackout. The NYT says the IDF struck over 150 tunnels and bunkers and killed Hamas commanders.

Per the BBC, the overnight Israeli raid into Gaza with tanks and infantry was the largest since the conflict began. The BBC cites the IDF saying ground forces are expanding operations in northern Gaza. IDF footage shows tanks firing on targets and armored bulldozers, which are used to clear obstacles ahead of troops.

According to Al Jazeera, Israel has tightened its blockade and bombarded Gaza for three weeks since Hamas killed over 1,400 people in an October 7 attack. The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry reports over 7,300 Palestinians killed so far.

CBS News outlines some factors that may have motivated Hamas to launch its attack on Israel, including ties with Iran, disruption of Israel-Arab diplomacy, and desires to assert itself militarily. CBS quotes officials saying Hamas hoped to draw Israel into a bloody conflict.

The Associated Press reports Netanyahu announced Israel has opened a new phase by expanding ground operations in Gaza. Netanyahu cast the assault as a fight for Israel’s survival, and said it would intensify. The AP outlines the disruption to communications and shortages of supplies faced by Gazans.